About me

I’m Phil. I’m currently working in Japan as a Web Application Engineer for a giant EC company.

My current learning goals: cryptocurrency, blockchain, fintech, languages skills (read, write, speaking, listening).

My current working goals: create services for Vietnamese community, Japanese community, publish books, do some side projects.

My Skills

JavaScript (server side: NodeJS, MeteorJS, SailsJS, client side: ReactJS, VueJS, jQuery, etc)

PHP, Golang, Ruby

Vietnames, English, Japanese and a little French…

My Interest

  • Learning new thing everyday

  • Startup

  • Read Books

  • Soccer

My Education

Hanoi University of Technology (Vietnam)

Keio University (Japan)

My work experiences

FPT Software (https://www.fpt-software.com/): Outsourcing domain. Worked as BrSE and developer. While working in FPT Software, I had a chance to work with Fujixerox client in Yokohama - Japan for R&D project.

AltPlus Inc (http://www.altplus.co.jp/): A short time working for social web base game comany. Almost in PHP/MySQL stack, using original created framework.

Mobilus Inc/Playnext Lab/Playnext US (http://playnext.com/): Most valuable experience until now. Startup to build Daily fantasy sport web/application from scatch. After that moving to Daily fantasy esport, then skins betting system. Stack: MeteorJS/Golang/Google Cloud/MongDB/Microservice.

Giant EC company in Japan: to be updated…

Please contact me

If you have any project we can work together

If you have any idea, discussion, advice

If you want to have some casual time with coffee, tea, beers, etc

Here is my email address: nquangphuong@gmail.com. You can also look up my Facebook at bottom of this page.